Collagen 101: The Science Behind this Supplement and How to Use It

If you’re interested in speeding your recovery, reducing injury risk, and boosting your joint health, then collagen is something you should be paying attention to. But what exactly is collagen, how can it help you as an athlete, are collagen sources created equal, and what about the Momentous Collagen Peptides formula sets it apart?

In this video we hear from Momentous Performance Engineer Tim Caron, owner of Allegiate Gym and former Army Strength & Conditioning Coach, who breaks down some of the key areas of collagen science.

  • Collagen 101
  • Why should you use collagen?
  • Why is Momentous Collagen a blend?
  • Is Collagen for me?

Momentous Collagen Peptides

Use Momentous Collagen Peptides daily for long-term joint health, resilience against injury, and faster return to play.

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