Get Your Best Night of Sleep

Developing a sleep routine is key to getting your best night of sleep. Neuroscientist Dr. Allison Brager shares with us some best practices before bed that will help your brain prepare for a restful, consistent night of sleep.

Tips Allison covers:

– Start your sleep routine 45-60 minutes before bed

– Put away your electronics and other technology that will inhibit melatonin production

– Dim the lights in your home

– Let your brain wind down by reading or listening to soft music

– Eliminate all light in your bedroom

– Reduce bedroom temperature

The Momentous Difference

The formula is a combination of three ingredients: Melatonin, Magtein®, (Magnesium L-threonate), and Wild Jujube Seed Extract to help reduce nighttime anxiety, gently fall asleep, and improve circadian rhythm to achieve higher quality sleep. NSF Certified for Sport and Informed-Sport Certified.

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