Podcast Ep 4: Kyle Hartzell, Lacrosse Pro & World Champion Wants to Play Until He’s 40

Career longevity, setting goals, and the evolution of sports as a game and as a business.

My guest this week is Kyle Hartzell. Kyle is a professional lacrosse player in the Premier Lacrosse League. He was an All-American and National Champion during his time with Salisbury University, and more recently a Gold Medalist playing for the United States in the 2018 World Championships. In this episode we talk about the state of lacrosse and how it is quickly evolving, having longevity in the sport, communication in the modern era, and how male athletes can use therapy and sports psychology.

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Show Notes:

2:25 – The PLL “The sports has been played the same way for 40-50 years…and fans want action and if you mold the game that way to benefit the fan, you’re going to get more viewers that way.”

11:35 – Preparation for a New Style of Play “Maybe if you’re tired, you’ll wait for someone else to make a play…if you’re in overtime and you’re sucking wind, you’re not going to be as explosive.”

20:26 – Playing till 40 “He said, ‘The main thing you need to do here, that you’re absolutely horrible at, is your mobility. Your mobility sucks.’”

28:52 – Individual Goals “Won an international championship, so [I felt like] I could retire now and then Paul had to start this new lacrosse league, so now I need to stay and win a championship there.”

36:30 – Making a Living as a Lacrosse Player “Haven’t worked a desk job yet and I don’t consider what I do ‘work’ right now”

47:00 – Public Perception & Image “My main focus on my Instagram account is to motivate kids…to set an example.”

54:30 – Communication in the Modern Era “Our coaches put us in these awkward situations…we had to give a Shark Tank Presentation.”

1:07:03 – Therapy & Sports Psychology “The reason people don’t [see a therapist], especially men, is the whole ego thing, they’re macho, they don’t think they need to talk to anybody”

1:20:20 – Changing Basketball & Evolving Sports “I think maybe implementing [new rule ideas] in an NBA Allstar game would be cool to see because the Allstar games don’t really mean much”

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