Podcast Ep 29: Cody Mooney, CrossFit Athlete & CrossFit Krypton Teammate

Today, I am joined by Cody Mooney, a 25-year-old, professional CrossFit athlete. Cody has competed successfully as an individual – qualifying for Regionals for 5 straight years between 2014 and 2018, including a strong appearance at the CrossFit Games in 2017. Last year he transitioned to compete as part of the team event with CrossFit Krypton and came in 2nd place in the world.

Cody and I discussed his typical eating habits in and out of competition, people’s relationship with food in general, and what Cody uses to measure his overall health. Cody also shared about his insights on motivation, along with the bonds he has created with the people he trains.

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Show Notes:

4:00 – Typical Day of Eating. “I definitely always felt better when my diet is on point. I feel better with myself, I feel better with my performance, I’m not as groggy throughout the day, and I have a clearer mind.”

 17:00 – Relationships & Food. “It really takes just a little bit of results for it to just click for someone and they just get it and then they’re just like, ‘this is awesome.’  And now, instead of me telling them [what to do about health and wellness], they’re coming to me for questions.”

26:00 – Motivation. “A buddy of mine, who was not the healthiest, was having his first baby years ago. And now we’ve been on this journey together for 6 years. He’s been sober now for 8 years, we just celebrated it just a couple months ago – it’s been amazing. And he, now, is 40 years old and in the best shape of his life, he’s the healthiest he’s ever been. He’s having his third kid. And for me to see that, I can’t express the joy it brings me.”

36:30 – Measuring Health. “I wasn’t getting good quality sleep and I didn’t know why. Sleep has always been something I feel like I haven’t done my best in and I try to improve on it.”

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