Podcast Ep 23: Jordan Mazur, 49ers Coordinator of Nutrition & Sports Dietitian

This week, we choose to bring you our regularly scheduled podcast episodes as our way of continuing to share stories in the world of sports. We have two episodes this week, and first up is our friend Jordan Mazur. This discussion is from a conversation we had about a month ago, in the beginning of May. Jordan is a Registered Dietitian and the Performance Nutrition Coordinator for the San Francisco 49ers, as well as a regular contributor for Men’s Journal. Jordan has been a great resource for us here at Momentous as we expand our product offerings, so we’re always thankful for his input.

In this episode we discuss things like trends in the nutrition world, the power of food sensitivity tests, the science behind the gut microbiome, how Jordan got started with the 49ers, and how he regularly furthers his own education.

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Show Notes:

2:00 – Nutrition Questions vs. Trends. “Someone might come to me and say, ‘Hey Jordan, I’m feeling sluggish. I’m feeling tired. I’m feeling bloated.’ So we take a journal and write down what you’ve been eating. Eliminate some of the common foods we know that can cause these types of reactions. See how you feel. Slowly add them back in and see if you have any of those effects and we can narrow down what’s actually causing some type of sensitivity.”

13:15 – Trying a Food Sensitivity Test. “This is the challenge with these tests – it comes up with those false positives. But for someone that is maybe less aware and doesn’t necessarily know that, they’re more likely to buy into the results. And now, can you imagine, the cascade of confusion and challenges around eating and food shopping because there’s this thing telling me to avoid these foods.” 

21:30 – Media & Diet. “It’s the clickbait idea. Media plays a big role in that. And also, let’s be honest, telling people to eat balanced and in moderation, exercise everyday, eat your fruits and vegetables, and don’t over consume is not sexy, right? It’s not something that’s going to grab a headline.”

34:00 – Gut Microbiome. “This is an area which is in its infancy stages because it’s so vast. But I really think it’s the next wave of learning about the human body, performance, health, and even nutrition.” 

43:30 – Jordan’s Start with the 49ers. “At the very foundation of everything, what you put in your body helps you run.”

57:30 – Education & Coaching. “You need to gain experience through job shadowing, internships, or just interacting and observing how you now apply [the knowledge] you have to become an effective practitioner.”

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