Podcast Ep 22: Matt Chorney, Director of Operations at Momentous & Amateur Runner

We’re also pleased to bring you an episode with Matt Chorney this week. Chorney is my dear friend and our Momentous Director of Operations. He was the first employee of the company — it was just me and Chorney for the first 8 months before we brought anyone else on board. We had absolutely no idea what we were doing, but I give Chorney a lot of credit, not only for being patient with my incompetence, but for effectively jumping off the cliff with his career to join a company when it was really only a concept. He’s been an integral part of our growth, and he’s a supremely accomplished amateur runner. I also haven’t seen him since the COVID-19 outbreak began, so I really enjoyed catching up with him.

​In this episode we discuss things like stress and recovery, training without an event on the horizon, the world of professional runners, and the 2021 Olympics.

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Show Notes:

4:30 – Stress & Recovery. “I remember Sunday, I wanted to do 20 miles all in one run, and I got to 17 miles, man… and the wheels came off as fast as they did in a marathon race. It’s like ‘feeling good’ and then I think the whole weight of the week just hit me.”

11:00 – Training without an Event to Train For. “It’s so much ‘self-driven’ that, competition is great but at this point it’s more ‘how much faster can you personally go?’”

19:30 – Jackson Hole Endurance Tests. “I could see how someone could run 140 miles and get a good training effect out of it, if all they have to do is run, eat, sleep, eat, sleep.” 

25:00 – Shelter in Place. “That’s what’s so great about running right now is Sam [Matt Chorney’s Girlfriend] will go out for her run, and I’ll just hangout with Oso [their puppy], and we get our little alone time and breaks by going out the door and running.”

 36:00 – Pro Runners. “The 1500m [Olympic event]… you know, making the final alone is like you could be the number one runner in the world for the last 3 years and not even get on the podium. There are just so many crazy tactics that can go into that race where literally any person toeing that line can be the winner.”

46:30 – 2021 Olympics. “The idea of interval starts has been kicked around of separating runners out along the course so there’s no mass starts and things like that.”

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