The Momentous Podcast: Launching January 29nd

We started this podcast in order to share our access to athletes, entrepreneurs, experts, and anyone that can help us, and our listeners, pursue progress in any form. Hosted by our Momentous founder and CEO Matt Wan, we hope this can be a resource that helps you reach your goals. Tune in each Wednesday for a new episode as we are joined by some incredible people who share their insights with us.

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About Matt Wan

Matt Wan is the Founder and CEO of Momentous. Matt grew up in Jackson Hole, Wyoming where he developed a passion for sports, including running and skiing. His fascination in nutrition and training started at a young age when the San Francisco 49ers Strength Coach Dave Scholz took Matt under his wing in the 6th grade. Dave, now an advisor to Momentous and the Head Strength and Conditioning coach at Texas Tech, systematically introduced Matt to the world of performance training and nutrition, and Matt’s obsession grew from there. Matt founded Momentous and dropped out of Harvard the next year to pursue the business full time.

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