Podcast Ep 3: Sara Hendershot, Olympic Rower and Director of Marketing

Setting Priorities, Achieving Goals, and Reflecting after the Olympics

My guest this week is Sara Hendershot. She is the Director of Marketing at Momentous and is in charge of our athlete relationships and partnerships, and was one of the company’s first employees. She is also a retired elite-rower, having represented the United States in the London Olympics as part of the Women’s pair and claiming two World Championship golds. In her free-time, she is now an avid fitness enthusiast with a particular affinity for CrossFit and running.

In this episode we talk about things like her professional career as an Olympic rower, how she continues to find flowstate after retirement, setting priorities and being reflective, positive athlete mental health, and setting athletic goals.

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Show Notes:

2:34 – Athletic Career Decisions. “I feel like a happier human being now than I did when I was training for London, but is that actually taking away from my ability to perform? I still don’t know the answer, really,” shares Sara. “What I do know is I’m actually prouder of the cycle that I didn’t make the olympic team than of the one that I did because of what it taught me about myself personally.”

17:19 – Tunnel Vision, Focus, and Life Management. “I think I had a coach tell me this once: you can be pretty good at three things, you can be exceptional at two, and you can be the best at one.”

21:46 – Priorities & Reactivity. “If I’m reactive for too long, that starts to feel like I’m losing my ability to be intentional about my priorities,” explains Sara. “I can’t be intentional about [my priorities] if i’m not self-reflective.” 

24:00 – Flowstate, Work, and Music. “If I sit on the Erg and to do a 6k or 10k hard piece, I know that I hit flowstate when I finish and I cannot remember the songs that were on my playlist.”

30:19 – Proudest Moment as an Athlete. “Presently, I’m most proud of the fact that I can take my athletic background and share it with others…and to do it in a way that I know is positively impacting the lives of young women beyond what they’re going to do with a sport.”

“Confidence isn’t something you wish out of thin air…confidence comes from competence.”

41:45 – Athletic’s Effect on Personal Life. “My husband calls it my athletic swagger…which took me a lot of years to build.”

43:41 – Present Day Motivation, along with Goal Setting vs. Value Setting. “It’s not a singular goal in my life anymore,” shares Sara. “I am my most happy when my values and my behavior match up.”

57:16 – Athletic Goal Setting Post-Professional Athletics. “Training, to me, can feel pointless unless you’re training for something,“ said Sara. “I hope I’m the 70-year-old woman that’s entering events…and doing triathlons.”

1:07:36 – What’s Next?

About Matt Wan

Matt Wan is the Founder and CEO of Momentous. Matt grew up in Jackson Hole, Wyoming where he developed a passion for sports, including running and skiing. His fascination in nutrition and training started at a young age when the San Francisco 49ers Strength Coach Dave Scholz took Matt under his wing in the 6th grade. Dave, now an advisor to Momentous and the Head Strength and Conditioning coach at Texas Tech, systematically introduced Matt to the world of performance training and nutrition, and Matt’s obsession grew from there. Matt founded Momentous and dropped out of Harvard the next year to pursue the business full time.

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