Podcast Ep 1: Brett Bartholomew, Performance Coach & Best-Selling Author

Pushing Boundaries, Improving Communication, and Changing an Industry

My guest this week is Brett Bartholomew. Brett is a strength and conditioning coach and an expert in communication. He’s a speaker and a best-selling author whose techniques and philosophies on coaching have been implemented by professional athletes, members of the US Special Forces, and Fortune 500 leaders across the country. He is also the host of his own podcast on the topic called the Art of Coaching.

In today’s episode, Brett and I dive into his mission as a strength and conditioning coach, and as a leader within the space. He shares his views on why it’s so important to improve your communication skills, the ambivalence he’s faced by in his field by becoming a public figure, how important it is to look at the science of interpersonal relationships.

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Show Notes:

8:25 – Brett’s Book & Its Mission. “There’s over 285 coach development programs that focus on technical skills, and only 6% look at the science of the interpersonal aspect…so we’re trying to change that.”

21:33 – Brett’s Upbringing & Poor Leadership Early On. “Another big goal we’re trying to do is rewrite this classical view of leadership which, in my opinion, has been a fortune cookie collection.” said Brett. “Long story short, I was dealing with depression, anxiety, anger, confusion, and training just became an outlet.”

29:48 – Career Transition. “I’ve literally been told by coaches at conferences, ‘the fact that you make money from your book or speaking, outside of just coaching and doing the day-to-day, you have disgraced the purity of the field.’”

33:51 – Rising Tides in Coaching. “Instead of being well-known for problem solving, pragmatism, and their ability to help people, [Strength and Conditioning Coaches] are instead known for waving their shirts, headbutting players, putting boards on fire, smacking them over the back, yelling in the weight room, I mean, we look like idiots,” shared Brett. “You’ve got to be visible, to a degree, if you want to solve a global problem.”

47:06 –  When to Attend Seminars and Why. “There were people in that room that didn’t even know my profession existed,” said Brett. “When my book came out, somebody blasted me online, and said, ‘why do we, as coaches, need a book on communication? We do that everyday.’ And I’m like, ‘Well, that’s exactly why you should work on being better at it.”

51:57 –  Competition is for Losers. “Everybody is going to perceive you and me in a different way. Even if the world tells us we’re experts…there’s still going to be people that think we don’t know shit.”

1:06:30 – Practicing Communication. “Hearing is something that occurs acoustically. It’s a physiological act…Listening is a cognitive act.” explained Brett. “People think they’re getting a message across just because they’ve said it, and really if they were actually evaluating themselves, they’d realize half that shit ain’t ever getting across.”

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