Podcast Ep 9: Founder & CEO of Dyrdek Machine and Host of MTV’s Ridiculousness

Today my guest on the podcast is one of my favorite humans, Rob Dyrdek. Rob is the CEO and Founder of the Dyrdek Machine, a venture studio dedicated to investing in, designing, and systematically building consumer businesses. Rob is also a previous founder of multiple successful businesses, a former professional skateboarder, an actor, a stuntman, a producer, and a lifelong entrepreneur. He became a pro skateboarder at the age of 16 and started his first company at the age of 18. His career helped propel DC Shoes from an up-and-coming skate brand to a $500 million business. All the while he co-created and produced his first hit TV show, setting himself up for an increasingly successful run of programs like Rob & Big, Fantasy Factory, and Ridiculousness.

On this episode, we talk about the work he’s doing at Dyrdek Machine, what he’s seen company’s do well when they’ve been successful, how Rob takes care of himself and prioritizes things like supplementation and sleep, and what it’s been like raising two young kids. I found this to be a very fun, informative, and thoughtful discussion that I expect many of you will enjoy as well!

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Show Notes:

3:30 – Dyrdek Machine “Would we still be proud [of a business] if it fails?”

12:00 – New Business “It’s a game of incredible detail and nuance and nonstop micro-failing and micro-decision making and micro-pivoting to make that shit work.”

20:30 – Unwavering Self-Belief “I don’t want to do anything but wake up totally on fire, eyes on the prize, always looking at what I’m going to achieve.”

28:30 – Room to Grow & Optimization “I don’t mind burning a day or two to some alcohol or some good, old fashioned pizza.”

45:30 – Dieting, Fuel, & Supplements “Lions don’t eat sushi on Sundays.”

55:30 – High-Level Sleeping “Having a stronger, fresher, better mind for the next day, which is ultimately what you’re asking for from a great night sleep.”

1:05:30 – Kids & Personality “You’re three and a half! This should be the golden years of Santa, not asking if he’s real and checking his beard.”

1:13:00 – Building Self-Belief & Resilience “I’m a self-made 10-year-old, that became a self-made 12-year-old that already had a vision of, “I’m out of here. I’m going to go be a pro skateboarder.’”

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