Podcast Ep 8: David Alexander, Sports Performance Coach and Owner of DBC Fitness

Health Through Movement, Celebrity Clients, and Building Strong Habits

Today my guest on the show is David Alexander. David is a Miami-based performance specialist and the owner of DBC Fitness. David and his partner Donnie founded DBC on the basis of incorporating the principles of biomechanics into training programs for the world’s most elite athletes and anyone that wants to train like them. They have been a favorite in-season and off-season resource for countless superstars including Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, John Wall, Von Miller, and Victor Oladipo.

In this episode we talked about misinformation in the fitness industry, how to responsibly use social media as a fitness professional, what makes a good habit truly stick, what he’s learned from clients like Timbaland, and some of the strategies he’s implemented into his own life to become a healthier person and better coach.

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Show Notes:

3:30 – Workout Industry “If someone puts out content that motivates somebody to get out of their recliner, stop eating potato chips, and maybe start walking everyday, then I love that.”

10:00 – Spreading Information “I need to make sure that my information is 100% accurate and whatever my followers do with that information, at least they know, ‘two plus two is four. I’m giving them the exact math to that post.’”

29:00 – Day-to-Day Choices “Your job as a fitness professional is to take the most complicated information that we’ve studied our whole lives and simplify it for somebody. The greatest trainers don’t need to sound smart, they just are smart.”

32:00 – Eat Real Food “I tell people: set a goal. If you’re 200lbs, once you hit 190lbs, then you can have your one cheat meal.”

41:30 – Information Platforms “I echo the same message to every single client [I’ve ever had] during the first consultation: ‘Hey, here’s the plan. Every week we’re going to replace one bad habit with one good habit.’”

52:10 – Bad Habits “I’ll be honest man, the two things I saw the most, that really affect overall health, was dehydration and bad sleep… and I saw that at the highest level.”

1:00:00 – Adolescence of the Industry “Maybe there’s something here, maybe we don’t need to prescribe a pill to fix somebody, we can do it through food. Maybe we don’t need to have surgery, we can fix it through corrective exercise.”

1:04:30 – Timbaland “Right when I think you can’t surprise me, you tell me something like this, and not a lot of people can surprise me. I’m 43 years old, I’ve been through it all, I’ve seen it all, I’ve done a lot, but Tim is one of these guys that everytime I’m around him I learn something new.” 

1:14:15 – Meditation “I started meditating 3 years ago. Nothing crazy. 10 minutes a day. And there will be a month that goes by where I don’t and I can feel it. My sleep wasn’t as good. I just think it’s so important that you’re unplugging everyday.”

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