Podcast Ep 79: Rachel Sanders, CEO & Co-founder of Rootine

Our guest this week is Rachel Sanders, CEO and Co-founder of Rootine – a health and wellness company focused on optimizing cellular nutrition through better data science and personalized health solutions.

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1:00 – Getting Started in Genetics. “There are two copies of the GPX1 gene, which plays a role in how your body protects itself against free radicals. Free radicals can be cancer causing – they cause a lot of harm in the body. Both of my copies are broken and so my body cannot protect itself from free radicals. So I know I need to take more antioxidants.”

12:00 – Precision Personalization & Quality Control. “We know that the market is getting smarter and our customers are data-driven, more empowered, and have the research and the knowledge to know that testing matters, form-factor matters, following guidelines matter. And that’s really where we are as a company, we really value that and believe that’s what customers deserve.”

28:00 – Company Standards. “We really focus on leading with passion. I strongly believe that compassion helps produce better outcomes as a team and it’s not mutually exclusive.”

38:00 – Improvement Areas. “I think there was a lot of heartbreak and horror experienced during the pandemic, but I do think that it has enabled a broader market to understand that health matters.”

49:00 – Genetic Data. “Our cells are kind of the cornerstone of health and our DNA tells our cells how to function.” 

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