Podcast Ep 77: Sam Briggs, Professional CrossFit Athlete

Our guest this week is Sam Briggs, a Professional CrossFit Athlete. Sam is originally from Leeds, England but currently resides in the US. Being a 9-time CrossFit Games Competitor and 2013 CrossFit Games winner, Sam is an all-time CrossFit great. She is an amazing example of longevity and durability, and a wonderful representative for her sport and her country. Earlier this year, we welcomed Sam to the Momentous Family and have been helping fuel her in her goal to become the ‘fittest 40-year-old in history.’

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Show Notes:

2:30 – Athletic Style & Multidisciplinary Training. “One of the personal trainers I worked out with was doing CrossFit elsewhere. He saw the style of training I was doing in the gym and asked if I’ve ever heard of CrossFit and I said ‘No.’ At the time, CrossFit was not very well heard of in the UK. I ended up Googling CrossFit that night, and, I must admit, my first impression was that it looked strange. I still gave it a try and after my first class I was hooked.”

13:00 – The Transition from Firefighter to Pro Athlete & Training Approach. “Depending on the day, when the lifting is hard and intense on an afternoon, the next morning’s cardio I’m usually sitting at about Zone 2, Zone 3 on my tracker. It’s a lot more mobility work, flow work. It’s more chill. It doesn’t feel like I’m training sometimes. I just feel like I’m having some fun.”

21:30 – Training Blocks & Competition. “I think it has been a very different season. The workouts that CrossFit gave us for the Quarterfinals were actually very fun and quite challenging. I was very pleased with my performance. You look at the workouts and on the leaderboard I didn’t place that well on the 4-rep max front squat but, for me, that was actually a PR. And so I was over the moon about that.”

33:00 – Training Style Evolution. “At the beginning, it was so fun but everyone just wanted to do everything. It was one of those things that if you weren’t feeling sore you felt that you hadn’t done enough work. We didn’t know that you did not have to feel like that and still make progress.”

42:00 – Aging & Maintaining. “We’re still trying to improve everything but the focus has to shift to things where we can more realistically make a difference in a competition.”

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