Podcast Ep 76: Craig Hoffman, Radio Host, Journalist, & Personal Trainer

This week’s guest is Craig Hoffman. Craig is a personal trainer, journalist, podcast host, sports commentator, and friend of Momentous. Craig’s relationship with Momentous began with the Train with the Best Podcast, which he co-hosts with fellow trainer, Chris Gorres.

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Show Notes:

2:00 – Beat Reporting, Journalism, & Professional Life. “I’m lucky with the way my life is currently set up. I’m piecing all these things together – I’m making it work. Being able to do fitness and radio, having my hands in so many different things is kind of what makes me me.”

15:00 – Primary Activities & Politics. “A lot of the political coverage is ‘who is mad at who’ or ‘who said what.’ It’s focused on the politicians as if they are the main characters in a drama. Right? You hear about things like, ‘in the caucus meeting, representative X yelled at representative Y and they’re in a fight.’ I don’t care about that. I care about the policy they passed and who it is going to affect me, my family, my friends, and my fellow citizens.”

25:00 – European Super League. “It was a complete money grab. It put players in a bad spot. It put managers in a bad spot. And they pulled out and that is the right move.”

34:30 – Fitness Goals. “Most people want to be able to run around with their kids. Most people want to be able to run around with their grandkids. So why not have them be able to do that to the best of their ability.”

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