Podcast Ep 74: Phil White, Emmy Nominated Author & Writer for The Momentous Blog

Today’s guest is Phil White. Phil is an Emmy Nominated Writer and a co-author of The 17 Hour Fast with Dr. Frank Merritt, Waterman 2.0 with Kelly Starrett, Unplugged with Dr. Andy Galpin and Brian Mackenzie, and Game Changer with Fergus Connolly. Phil is also a frequent contributor to The Momentous Blog. Phil’s new book with Dr. Jim Afremow, The Leader’s Mind, is available for pre-order now. 

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2:00 – England to Kansas City. “A good friend I grew up with had, kind of, risen up through the ranks in a magazine in New York so I started doing some magazine work for him.  He then called me and said, ‘you know that book I’m writing? Well, I’ve got 800 words and I need to have about 80,000 worlds in about three-and-a-half months’ time.’ His dad was real sick at the time so he had to go back and forth from New York and London a lot. So we co-wrote the book.”

13:00 – How Writing Changes You & Mobility. “I think trying to build in some resilience or durability to your training is important. If you plan on doing something that involves jumping and landing once the weather warms up, you should do some jumping and landing in the meantime. Whether it’s your Achilles or some other supporting structure up the chain, they’re not going to be prepared for those impacts.” 

26:00 – Movement Essentialism. “What is the minimum amount needed to withstand the forces you have to create and are subjected to in your sport of choice and be a functional human being in your daily life.”

37:30 – Tracking Performance. “As long as the quantitative correlates with the qualitative. If you wake up and feel perfectly rested and you go and perform a workout that you do pretty regularly and it feels pretty easy or it feels pretty consistent with what it should normally feel like but your sleep score was 55/100. Then there’s a disconnect there somehow.”

54:00 – Fasting, Blood Glucose Levels, & Time Management. “I’m more of a night owl. I probably stay up later and get up later than most people.”

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