Podcast Ep 68: Eric Min, Co-Founder & CEO of Zwift

Today’s guest is Eric Min, the CEO and Co-founder of Zwift. Zwift has been known as ‘the fitness company born out of gaming.’ The Zwift platform allows users to run or ride in virtual settings with other cyclists or runners anywhere around the world. 

In this episode, Matt and Eric discussed things like Zwift’s origin story and the different strategies used to grow the company. The two also talked about the importance of community, the increase in at-home fitness, and the benefits and drawbacks of facilitating remote competitions.

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Show Notes:

1:00 – Vision for Zwift. “If we gamify, we can create this virtual world where people come and meet and connect, socialize and train. We wanted to build a mission-driven company that’s focused on getting more people to be more active more often.”

9:15 – Prioritizing a Direction. “We are a software company today. And tomorrow we will be an integrated company for the sole purpose of making it easier for new customers to get on board and on Zwift.”

22:30 – Community. “The idea that you can participate in a sport, at the highest level, in the comfort of your home is, I think, hugely innovative.”

33:00 – At-Home Competitions. “You have access to the refrigerator. You have access to the bathroom. You’re not getting rained on. There are so many reasons why I think indoor cycling is never going away. It’s going to be complementary to those days when you can go out.”

40:30 – Improvements on the Business. “Arming a small team with some capital, they can create some amazing things.” 

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