Podcast Ep 67: Helaine Knapp, Founder & CEO of CITYROW

In this week’s episode, we are joined by Helaine Knapp. Helaine is the CEO and Founder of CITYROW, a fast-growing, boutique fitness studio, based in New York, with locations nationwide. With the recent launch of an at-home, rower product, it was interesting to talk to Helaine about the relationship between at-home fitness versus in-gym, boutique fitness. 

In this episode, Matt and Helaine discussed things like how CITYROW began, the differences between rowing for fitness and rowing for sport, and different workout trends. The two also discussed boutique fitness and how to handle rejection.

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Show Notes:

1:30 – CITYROW’s Beginnings. “To me, I’m just a basic consumer of fitness. Before this, I was a tech professional. I ran account management teams. I thought that I was doing everything right because I was just checking the box of working out. But looking back at it, I wasn’t being smart about how I was moving my body.” 

11:00 – Rowing for Fitness. “We think a lot about, ‘how do we cater to the new person who is walking in the door or just bought a machine and also grow with people who have been with you for years. It’s a business challenge.” 

20:00 – At-Home Customers & Movement Trends. “My passions, which are tennis and hiking, I want to do those forever. And if you want to do those things forever, you only have one body. How do you keep it safe? And how do you fuel it right? You need to make sure how you move your body is right.”

31:30 – CITYROW & Boutique Fitness. “Have confidence in what your core competencies are and you have to know that there will be moments of doubt and you are the only person that’s going to bring you back up.”

41:00 – Hearing ‘No’. “Practicing radical honesty, on some level, is probably best for everyone, even if it’s really hard in the short term. But let people move on. I think the worst thing in the world is a long ‘no’ or a long ‘yes’.” 

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