Podcast Ep 66: Marcus Filly, Functional Bodybuilder & Former CrossFit Games Athlete

Today’s guest is Marcus Filly, a 6-time CrossFit Games Athlete who has since moved on to become a highly respected name in the fitness industry. Marcus is the owner of Revival Strength, an online coaching business with a unique programming style centered around the goals to look good and move well. 

In this episode, Marcus and Matt discussed how Marcus was introduced to health and fitness, his CrossFit career, and how he transitioned into Functional Bodybuilding. The two also talked about how to set life goals, how to set a sustainable fitness plan, and the importance of steady-state cardio.

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Show Notes:

2:00 – Intro to Health & Fitness. “In high school, I found myself lifting weights with a physics teacher at 6:00 AM before class would start.”

12:00 – CrossFit Training. “When I finished my last year of Team CrossFit and I told myself that I would make the transition to individual competition, the pressure became greater. The training required increased. Instead of taking 6 people to spread the work, now I was the only person who had to do all of the work. I essentially doubled, if not tripled, the amount of training I did in a single calendar year.”

23:00 – Transitioning from CrossFit to Functional Bodybuilding. “There was this conflict between the CrossFit community and the bodybuilding community or the conventional gym-goers. They hated CrossFit because they thought it was dangerous – and in some instances it is. And the CrossFitters were so married to this intensity and this cult-like feeling of ‘these people don’t know anything about being fit.’ And I was like, ‘Hey everyone, chill out. It’s all good. We really need to take the best of these two worlds and really use whatever we need to.”

35:00 – Life Goals & How to Set Them. “There are plenty of people that are not fulfilled in other areas of their life. And they gravitate towards a community or towards an activity that helps fulfill them. Fitness has become that thing for a great number of people. CrossFit has become that thing for a great number of people.”

46:00 – Creating a Fitness Plan. “I like to touch on all the different physical traits that I learned over the years.”

56:00 – Steady-State Cardio. “If I could give everybody a prescription it would be: each day do a little bit of resistance training and go on a long walk. It’s not just the baseline fitness.”

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