Podcast Ep 64: Back with Tim Caron, Performance Coach & Owner of Allegiate Gym

Today’s guest is Tim Caron, former Head Strength Coach at Army West Point and currently the Founder and Head Coach at Allegiate Gym in Redondo, CA. This is Tim’s second time on the show, one of our first repeat guests, and a very deserving one at that. Tim is one of the people we rely on most heavily for product development input at Momentous as well as some on-camera time.

In this episode, Matt and Tim discuss things like how Tim prepared for fatherhood, some tips Tim has for focusing, and how his gym has operated during a pandemic. The two also talked about the pros and cons of in-home training and in-person training, the telltale signs of when to take a break, and how Tim has leveraged the internet to help his business.

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Show Notes:

2:30 – Preparation for Parenting. “In general, just in life, once you figure out what you want to do – do it really well and enjoy it.”

8:45 – Specializing & Focus. “What I go through with a lot of young coaches here is, ‘Set your expectations high but don’t make it the center of your universe.’ I see so many people get crushed by not reaching a goal by a certain time. Where actually it’s okay, the more important part is what did you learn?”

14:00 – Alligiate Gym Operations during a Pandemic. “As we started to redefine what we are and what we’re going to do moving forward into the future, it’s important that we figure out strategies here to try to navigate this. All of those value items, like safety, compliance, efficacy, and community, really need to be fought for.”

24:00 – In-Home & In-Person Training. “I’m biased here, but I don’t think ‘in-home’ options are a good decision for most people because the folks that are requiring that or necessitating that usually the most at-risk for getting hurt or entering a detrained state.”

37:00 – Recognizing When to Take a Break. “From a performance standpoint, from a health standpoint, and from an overall, bigger picture, year macro-cycle, having a greater distribution spread of your energy systems.”

43:30 – Online Presence. “I now have this siloed-off area where I can address a slew of things and not be a distraction to our primary business which is most important.”

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