Podcast Ep 63: Paula Findlay, Olympian & Triathlon Champion

We are joined by Paula Findlay, an Olympian and recently crowned World Champion Triathlete. We, here at Momentous, are incredibly fortunate to call Paula and her partner Eric Lagerstrom two of our newest athlete partners. As mentioned, Paula is fresh off her win at the PTO World Championship in Daytona, Florida, where she ran away from a stacked field of pros in really one of the only racing opportunities of 2020. 

In this episode, Paula and Matt discussed things like the highs and lows of 2020, what the Daytona win meant to Paula, and how Paula goes about training and setting goals. The two also talked about what Paula’s plans are once her professional triathlon career is over and what her racing nutrition looks like.

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Show Notes:

 3:00 – Lows and Highs of 2020. “I feel like this year went by super quick. All of a sudden it’s December and we raced the one and only race in Daytona. From a racing standpoint, I stayed really healthy all year and, as a fairly injury-prone athlete, staying healthy for 12 months and never getting injured once was super positive.”

 9:30 – What the Daytona Win Meant to Paula. “70.3 is so crazy. Anything can happen. The courses are so different and I don’t want to lay all of my predictions on a race off of one workout. But if I string together a bunch of good sessions, nothing too epic but nothing too terrible, I know I’ll have a good race.”

20:00 – Training & Setting Goals. “I’ve realized that there were a couple of days that I took off running when something got a bit sore or I was too tired and, mentally, I was okay with that. I think missing one workout is way better than having to ultimately miss 3 months. That’s something I’ve learned through getting older and maturing a bit. It’s okay to take a bit of time off and stay healthy.”

30:00 – Life After Triathlon & Routines. “I’m a very organized person, so I am most at ease with my training and general life flow when I have a schedule.”

42:00 – Quick Hitting Questions. “Post-workout, we will always finish with a Momentous shake, but after any race, I’m having pizza.”

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