Podcast Ep 62: Matt Wan, Momentous Founder & CEO

In this episode, we are joined by Chris Hickey. Chris is a current Board Member with us at Momentous and was previously the CEO at IsoPure and the CMO at Exos. We switched things up and had Chris interview Matt.

The two discussed Matt’s childhood, his eating habits, and his daily routine. The two also talked about pastimes, some of Matt’s role models, and what it was like starting Momentous.

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Show Notes:

2:30 – Growing Up. “In California, it’s so dense so traveling for sports was not really traveling. We sometimes walked from our school to the other school for track meets. But in Wyoming, the nearest town is like 3 hours away.”

12:30 – Eating Habits & Daily Routine. “I like having calls in a day. I don’t like having days where I don’t talk to anyone. But after 6 or 7, I feel like I get fatigued.”

21:00 – Fun Activities. “Anything outdoors. I really really just enjoy being outdoors in any form, but particularly doing things that involve some sort of physical challenge. Skiing. I love being on my bike, both mountain and road. Paddleboarding. I love swimming. Basically what you’re getting from this is, in one form or another, exercising is my hobby.” 

33:00 – Role Models. “A lot of my Dad’s close friends in particular joke around about how we have this sort of collection of uncles.”

41:00 – Starting Momentous. “The name ‘Momentous’ was a joint decision between myself and Rob Dyrdek. We really like the flow of the name. Some designer that was working for Rob had mocked up some logo options of the stacked letters and the ‘M.’” 

55:00 – Reflection. “I think more than anything, I’m really proud that we’ve been able to make the products the way we want to. Meaning that, of all the things we visualized about the company, so much of it has changed. But really the vision to make products that you can’t poke holes in has remained 100% the same.”

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