Podcast Ep 61: Dr. Ramsey Nijem, Director of Sports Performance for the University of Kansas Men’s Basketball

We are honored to have Dr. Ramsey Nijem on the podcast this week. Ramsey is the Director of Sports Performance at Kansas University’s famed Men’s Basketball Program. Previously, Dr. Nijem spent five seasons as the Head Performance and Strength Coach of the Sacramento Kings – where he was the youngest in NBA history to hold such a position.

In this episode, Matt and Ramsey discussed things like how to start a career in sports, finding one’s perspective, and continuing education. The two also talked about personal and professional growth, building good habits, and how to have a long career in sports.

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Show Notes:

4:00 – Starting a Career in Sports. “It just so happened that a guy with 20-years of NBA experience and 11 championship rings just dropped into work here and be my boss and my mentor.”

15:30 – Perspective, Career Advice, & Continuing Education. “I’ve always had a passion for paying it forward and giving back and that comes from a place of self-awareness. Like I totally know I did not get anywhere in my career without the help of others.” 

28:00 – Growth. “Why wouldn’t I try to bring life into the weight room?”

39:00 – Good Habits & Career Longevity. “There are only a select few people who can stay in the NBA on talent alone. Maybe 10. Like Kevin Durant doesn’t need to get any stronger.”

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