Podcast Ep 59: Mark Verstegen, Founder & President of EXOS

We are joined today by Mark Verstegen. Mark is the Founder and President of EXOS, a human performance company founded in 1999. To many people in the industry, EXOS is most recognizable for the huge number of professional athletes who count on their services. EXOS also supports more than a million Americans each day and as partners to 25% of Fortune 100 companies. Mark is considered one of the world’s foremost experts in human performance and a pioneer in the concept of integrated performance training. In addition to his role at EXOS, Mark has served as the Performance Director of the NFL Players Association for 18 years and is the author of 6 books.

In this episode, Matt and Mark discussed Mark’s early life, how Mark makes hires, and why roughly 35% of Fortune 100 companies support EXOS. The two also talked about the most notable challenges Mark has faced, along with what it’s like working with the NFL.

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2:30 – Early Life. “At 11 years old, I wrote my first business plan. I asked for a forward on my allowance, took that money upfront, and bought a lawnmower. I mowed grass airstrips for 25 bucks an hour.”

14:30 – Making Hires at EXOS. “What we ask from our employees is pretty simple: G.R.O. The G is for gratitude and grit. The R stands for responsibility and respect. And last we have to do everything as one team. The O stands for one team.”

25:00 – Why Companies Go with EXOS. “The foundation of EXOS is to understand and upgrade lives.”

33:00 – Notable Challenges of the Past 20 Years. “We’re trying to bring the best of what the consumer expectations are today and how we meet that. I think that’s a really fun stimulus for the organization.”

41:00 – Working with the NFL. “Outside of teachers that I’m passionate about, our field, regardless of how you label yourself, has one of the greatest abilities to positively influence lives.”

54:00 – Injuries & Training. “Your ability to recover, like your functional state, and you owning and managing your performance metrics at a very high level is absolutely critical in professional sport.”

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