Podcast Ep 58: Rob Skinner, Senior Sports Dietitian at the US Olympic Training Center

We are joined today by Rob Skinner. Rob is the Senior Sports Dietitian at the US Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs and is in charge of acrobat and combat sports. Rob is a highly respected veteran of the sports nutrition industry, having previously worked in the NFL, NCAA, and with the Navy Seals as a Performance Dietitian and Exercise Physiologist for Naval Special Warfare. 

Matt and Rob talked about acrobat and combat sports, the coaching ecosystem at the US Olympic Training Center, and how Rob works with athletes. The two also discussed the Olympic trials and where Rob wants to get better in his career.

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Show Notes: 

2:30 – Acrobat & Combat Sports. “When Jen Gibson told me, ‘You get to travel the world’, she wasn’t kidding. Some of the places aren’t that great but they’re wherever the competition is. It is not a vacation per se, but it is a challenge. And that is what I enjoy. I enjoy going to a new country and finding the feeding challenge for the athletes.”

13:00 – The Coaching Ecosystem at the US Olympic Training Center. “To make a multidisciplinary team, you have to have communication with all the departments. The athletes have, regardless if they’re remote or here, access to us. I got an email today from a diver saying he hurt his ankle. So I sent him some information on nutrition for healing. Taekwondo is going on a trip so I helped them out with jetlag mitigation protocols.” 

21:00 – Working with Athletes. “The best time we get with the athletes is when we’re on the road with them. When I’m on the road with a team, I can get to know the athletes and build relationships and trust.”

32:00 – Olympic Timeframe. “I disagree with many people, but I think if you disagree in a respectful way with professional courtesy, there’s no issue.” 

38:00 – Where Rob Wants to Get Better. “Personally, one of the areas I want to advance in is my culinary expertise. But on a professionally, I’d like to get into the microbiome and the gut-brain access.”

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