Podcast Ep 57: Mike Molloy, Founder of M2 Performance Nutrition

Today’s guest is our friend, Mike Molloy. Mike is the Founder of M2 Performance Nutrition, a private nutritional coaching service catering to performance-focused individuals. Mike is a wealth of knowledge on nutrition and actually holds a Ph.D. in Immunology.   

In this episode, Mike and Matt discussed things like how Mike discovered his passion for nutrition, the difficulties of coaching, and binge eating versus restrictive eating cycles. The two also talked about how Mike deals with misinformation in the nutrition space and some upcoming milestones for M2.

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Show Notes:

2:00 – Discovering a Passion for Nutrition. “Even though my traditional training was in immunology, microbiology, and molecular biology, it laid the groundwork for me to go analyze a completely different field, nutrition. I started to help myself and help other people.”

11:00 – The Difficulties of Coaching. “There are so many soft skills that come with coaching a human being. That’s really hard to teach – the emotional intelligence component.”  

21:30 – Binge Vs. Restrictive Eating Cycles. “By focusing on the weekend or focusing on your binge, it’s almost like a doctor focusing on the symptom as opposed to the cause, so we’re trying to fix the root cause.”

32:00 – Dealing with Misinformation. “You really have to pick a choose your battles, and typically the people who are coming to us as clients view us as experts. So from a client-coach point of view, they typically will want to learn versus you’re just at dinner with some buddies and the answer is just ‘no.’ There is an unwillingness to listen.”

43:30 – Upcoming Milestones for M2. “We created a coaching certification program to certify coaches in M2 philosophies which, at the end of the day, uses evidence-based approaches to help clients achieve their goals and makes sure that you’re always keeping a client’s long-term health in your mind.”

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