Podcast Ep 54: Kari Pearce, Professional CrossFit Athlete, 3rd Place Winner of the 2020 CrossFit Games

Today’s guest is Professional CrossFit Athlete Kari Pearce. Kari has competed at the CrossFit games 6 years in a row now and most recently claimed 3rd place at the 2020 Games. It was the fourth time Kari has been the strongest American Woman in the field and it was the first time there was an American Woman on the podium since 2014. 

In this episode, Kari and Matt discussed how people have been competing in CrossFit in 2020, what Kari’s pre and post-workout routine looks like, and what Kari’s favorite and least favorite events have been. The two also talked about Kari’s recent podium appearance and her personal business, Power Abs. 

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Show Notes:

1:45 – CrossFit Competition in 2020. “I’m not going to train hard just to train hard.”

11:00 – Pacing a CrossFit Competition. “There were events that were one rep max lifts. So it’s just one rep all out and that lift doesn’t even last five seconds. But then there was also a trail run that took everybody over an hour.” 

16:30 – Pre & Post Workout Routine. “After a workout, I usually like to do some sort of light cardio. Like a light bike ride. Just to move and no let everything sit.”

23:00 – Favorite & Least Favorite Events this Year. “I really liked the handstand walk. I love being on my hands. I think it’s the gymnast in me.”

31:30 – Standing on the Podium for the First Time. “It’s just hours and hours and hours of hard work. And the hard work always pays off.”

42:00 – Power Abs. “It’s basically thinking about how we can help as many people as possible. We have a new program coming out at the end of November and I’m really excited to grow the Power Abs program.”

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