Podcast Ep 55: Christopher Jerard, Founder & CEO of Roam Media

Our guest today is Christopher Jerard, who commonly goes by CJ. CJ is the Founder and CEO of Roam Media, a company dedicated to inspiring and enabling adventure and purpose. 

In this episode, Matt and CJ discussed how Roam Media got started and how they’ve gone about capturing their audience. The two also discussed the action sports community, along with the benefits and drawbacks of the increasing popularity of action sports.

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Show Notes: 

1:30 – How Roam Media Got Started. “It started with creating an audience by creating attention around amazing stories and amazing content. But the idea has always been to evolve that to create more value for the community.”

13:00 –  Capturing an Audience. “That’s what we’re moving towards. Become a member. Join the founding members, these 13 amazing men and women, who have helped shape the action sports space and helped found this company. Join them on this journey of inspiring, educating, enabling, adventuring with purpose.” 

24:00 – The Most Important Things in a Community. “I think that there will be an echo on a generational level. People will remember forever the first time they went camping. There are millions of people who have had this experience.”

35:00 – Pros and Cons of Growth. “How do we make these outdoor sports inviting? It’s not just from a business perspective. We want to grow these sports because if more people are connected to outdoor spaces, then they’re going to care more about those outdoor spaces.”

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