Podcast Ep 53: Brad Weiss, Professional Triathlete & 2-Time XTERRA World Champion

Today’s guest is Brad Weiss, a professional Triathlete from South Africa. Brad is a 2-time world champion in XTERRA Off-road Triathlon and has recently been collecting some wins at the Half-Ironman distance as well. We started working with Brad at Momentous recently, so we enjoyed getting to discuss his sport and training. 

In this episode, Brad and Matt talked about being an endurance athlete, the dynamics of multiple coaches in triathlon, and how to prepare for a race. The two also discussed how Brad plans workouts and when to end a workout early.

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Show Notes:

1:30 – How Brad became an Endurance Athlete. “It took me probably 10 years before I felt truly efficient in a swimming pool.”

12:00 – Having Different Coaches for Individual Disciplines. “Communication plays a big role. If I’m pushing hard and I pick up a bit of a strained muscle, my coaches will all dial things back.”

23:00 – Analyzing a Workout & Preparing for a Race. “Two months away from a big race, I definitely don’t want to feel like I’m in great shape. If you’re feeling like you’re crushing it right now then you’ve got a tough two months ahead of you. You’re going to come off of that feeling pretty quickly.”

34:00 – Planning Workouts. “I work in 3-week blocks. 14 days of being on the gas, then 4-5 days of recovery and building back up.”

42:00 – Pulling the Pin on a Workout. “When I do call it quits on a workout, I make sure I’m doing that for the right reasons. And when I do, I don’t blame myself or get down on myself, or slip into this small state of depression because of a training session that hasn’t gone well. The whole point of a training session is to improve. And if you feel that that training session is going to be detrimental to your overall health or performance on race day, then what’s the point of it?”

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