Podcast Ep 52: Sam Tooley, Athlete & Fitness Entrepreneur

Today’s guest is Sam Tooley, an athlete, coach, gym owner, and entrepreneur. Sam is the owner of Alpha Performance Studio and The Garage Gym, a co-owner of Alpha Fit Club, and the Founder of The Tooley Legacy Foundation.

Matt and Sam discussed how Sam got into health and fitness along with how Sam addresses feeling alone and depressed. The two also touched upon Sam’s life after rehab, how he’s remained present, and how he’s overcome his addiction.

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Show Notes:

3:30 – Getting Into Health and Fitness. “It took me all four years to become a varsity cross country runner in high school. It wasn’t something that came naturally but I had a ton of competition – a ton of fight to get there. As my coach then would say, I was the angriest kid on the team. I treated the track like it was my punching bag. And eventually, that work ethic and that mentality really helped me prosper.” 

12:30 – Feeling Alone & The Valleys of Life. “She said, ‘You don’t have to live this way anymore.’ And that was news to me. I fought with it the whole weekend and then I checked myself into rehab. 23 years old.”

23:00 – Life After Rehab. “How funny it was for my college buddies who knew me as the ultimate booze bag, party boy to be now posting pictures of himself running around the track in his booty shorts.”

34:00 – Remaining Present & How to Address Addiction. “The month that I signed that lease on the gym, life decided to test me again. This time you think that you’re trending in the right direction and you think you’re doing all the right things, you think you’re being the type of person you want to be, and life just has other plans sometimes. After signing that lease on the gym, we had a home fire. I was two days away from moving out of that house and I woke up to smoke, opened my door, and was met with flames. It was something out of a movie.”

 47:00 – Setting Goals. “I want to find out what I’m made of. Period. In all aspects of life.”

57:00 – Biggest Challenges. “If I can, I would love to just get my stuff done. Once I’ve thought and sweat, then the rest of the day is just checking boxes and making sure stuff gets done.”

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