Podcast Ep 50: Harpreet Rai, CEO of Oura

Today’s guest is Harpreet Rai, the CEO of Oura. Oura is a health and fitness startup who produces the Oura Ring, a sleep and activity tracker.

Matt and Harpreet talked about Harpreet’s upbringing and childhood and how he got into the wearable space. The two also discussed sleep tracking, technology’s presence in health and fitness, predicting illnesses, and how one can make healthy decisions based on their Oura Ring’s data.

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Show Notes:

2:00 – Harpreet’s Upbringing. “I always thought the future was going to be sensors and tech helping people understand their health, just because I struggled with it and I love science and tech.”

11:00 – Sleep Tracking. “This was like 2009, 2010. So basically the only way I would track my fitness and sleep was in Microsoft Excel.”

20:00 – Technology & Health. “I think there is value to be given there. I mean, you only have this body one time, so knowing how to better take care of it – people can really value that.”

28:00 – Sleep & Predicting Illness. “What we’ve seen is about half of the participants in the study will see a change 3 days before they feel symptoms. About 40% of subjects will see changes through their Oura Rings 1-2 days before symptoms show up.”

39:00 – Decision Making with Oura’s Information. “I think this is the use case for wearables. We talked about healthcare being sickcare – you don’t go to the hospital until you have a heart attack. What if our bodies were like cars? You have some sort of indication that somethings wrong. You have a check engine light, we don’t know what’s going on, but you should go see a doctor and go get a test. Wearables are not diagnosing and treating. They’re not medical devices but what we can potentially do is give people a heads up.”

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