Podcast Ep 49: Katie Hoff, 3-Time Olympic Medalist, Former-Pro Swimmer, & Author

Today’s guest is, Former Professional Swimmer and 3-time Olympic Medalist, Katie Hoff. Katie represented the US at the 2004 and 2008 Olympic Games and retired from competitive swimming in 2015. Katie is now working on her book, her career, and her personal routines.

In this episode, Matt and Katie discussed her upbringing and how she got into swimming, what Katie’s last Olympic cycle was like, and what training has looked like after retiring from professional sports. The two also talked about Katie’s process in writing her book, along with what Katie is looking forward to in life.

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Show Notes:

2:30 – Upbringing & Introduction to Swimming. “Honestly, I got into swimming because the kid in our neighborhood who I thought was really cool and was four years older than me was doing it and I wanted to do whatever he did.”

10:30 – Katie’s Last Olympic Cycle. “Beijing was a crazy time for me. I swan 5 individual events. It was a big schedule. I learned a lot. But I think that was a pivotal point in my career where I was able to win some medals and I was able to break an American record but it was portrayed negatively in the media because I was compared so much to Michael Phelps. It took me a long time to look at that as an accomplishment and see that in a positive light.”

18:45 – Training After Being Pro. “It’s definitely hard going from training for the Olympic Games to just working out. I think a lot of athletes go through this like, ‘I’m just working out for what?’”

25:30 – Writing a Book. “Things do not go according to plan and in order to be successful and really feel extraordinary in life, you have to continue to make those edits in your life’s blueprint.”

35:00 – What’s Up Next. “Thank goodness, during this pandemic, we had some weights delivered to us. I think I would be going crazy. I don’t love working out but I feel like it’s something I have to do.” 

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