Podcast Ep 48: Maddie Alm, Professional Runner, Registered Dietitian, & Founder of Fueling Forward

Today’s guest is professional runner and registered dietitian, Maddie Alm. Maddie was an NCAA All-American during her days with Colorado and currently lives in Boulder to train with a highly talented lineup of professional female runners on Team Boss. Maddie also founded Fueling Forward, an online sports nutrition consultation service with the mission of helping real athletes learn how to fuel for performance with real food.

In this episode, Matt and Maddie discussed her individual running goals, how she decided to become a dietitian, and planning meals around training.  The two also touched upon caffeine’s influence on running, new nutrition studies, and Maddie’s outlook on the upcoming Olympics.

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Show Notes:

2:00 – Individual Running Goals. “We did have somewhat of a wrench thrown into our season with the Olympic Year being pushed back, but I’m really fortunate to have a coach that set us up with opportunities to race this year.

9:30 – Deciding to Become a Dietitian. “Over the course of my 5 years at CU, I went from a walk-on to an All-American and I really do contribute a lot of that to my change in fueling.”

19:00 – Planning Meals & Workouts. “Asian cuisine is my absolute favorite. You have the carb, protein, and color all in one meal. I feel like they reheat really well for leftovers.”

23:00 – Caffeine & Racing. “I will always get coffee before my race, no matter what time it’s at. I may have it during my warmup.” 

31:00 – Up and Coming Nutritional Studies. “I think a lot of research is primarily done on male athletes and people are now realizing that doesn’t really extrapolate to female athletes. So I’m really looking forward to seeing female-specific studies come out and really understanding the differences.”

39:30 – Outlook on the Next Olympics. “The races we have done this year have been done really well. We have to get two negative COVID tests before we’re allowed to race. You have to wear your mask in warmup areas. Everything has gone really well and I’m hopeful that the Olympic Trials will follow that same format.”

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