Podcast Ep 43: Duke Manyweather, NFL Offensive Line Expert & Co-founder of OL Masterminds

Today’s guest is Duke Manyweather. Duke is a coach, business owner, and a leading expert in the training and development of offensive lineman for the NFL. Along with Lane Johnson of the Philadelphia Eagles, Duke created the OL Masterminds Summit – an intensive offseason development program that attracts many of the NFL’s best offensive lineman every summer.

In this episode, Duke and I talked about how he got his start in football, how the OL Mastermind Summit began, and what an offseason looks like for offensive lineman. We also discussed common areas of weakness Duke sees in new NFL players, marks of a great offensive lineman, and what it’s like watching a football game with Duke.

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Show Notes:

3:30 – Duke’s Beginnings. “Beyond the Combine was a scouting and evaluation website, but I did stuff a little different. I would only evaluate offensive lineman. I would not only breakdown the pros and cons in bullet points, like what most people did. I would write detailed reports in terms of what I thought was wrong with the technique and how I thought that could be fixed through strength training and biomechanics.”

15:00 – Offensive Lineman Offseason. “We put a guy through 3 to 4 3-week blocks of targeted and intentional strength and conditioning and correction – all of a sudden, that guy is executing that backside cutoff and reach block which he physically couldn’t before.”

26:00 – Common Areas of Weakness for New Players. “Something that happens all the time, that I end up seeing, is poor pad level. And pad level isn’t just bending your knees, it’s from the ground up. A lot of the issues I see are ankle mobility, hip mobility, and also the lower back and hamstrings being underdeveloped. It’s difficult to maintain that posture and be able to play low and use leverage.”

35:00 – Marks of a Great Offensive Lineman. “I’m going to be honest with you, it’s something that you won’t hear many people say – people want to talk about the physical characteristics – but in one word, the thing that defines a great offensive lineman is resilience. And that’s the ability to always come back into form.”

45:30 – Watching a Football Game with Duke. “Some guys have specific questions about certain players, so we try to get those answers. Chances are, somebody in the room has played against them or we have some type of scouting report and video cut-up of them.”

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