Podcast Ep 42: Ryan Cain, President of the Nashville Recovery Center & Founder of the SPERO Group

Our guest today is Ryan Cain. Ryan is the president of the Nashville Recovery Center and the Spero Group – a detox and behavioral health management company. He’s been working in health care for almost 20 years, and in addition to his day job with the Spero Group, Ryan makes an effort to share his personal experience with drug addiction in an effort to help others.

In this episode, Ryan and I talked about what it’s like becoming addicted, what the first steps of sobriety are like, and how addiction is such a complex problem.  We also discussed healthy and unhealthy lifestyle habits, traumatic events, and high-value practices and activities for a fulfilling life.

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Show Notes:

4:00 – Beginnings of Addiction. “Most addicts are pretty savvy and are good at keeping these secrets, which is really one of the scariest parts about it is that so often families have no idea this is happening right under their nose.”

14:00 – First Step to Sobriety. “Everything I do is built on the fact that it’s not about me, it’s about being more of service, listening to someone else instead of speaking first, being kind, and being loving.”

29:30 – Complex Problems. “Addiction is not just a medical issue, it’s a mental health issue, it’s a behavior issue, there are typically legal consequences.”

35:00 – Lifestyle Habits. “Addiction migrates.  You may be an alcoholic or drug addict, you take that away, then all of a sudden you may be a sugar addict. And every time you have an alcohol craving, you run for a tub of ice cream.”

46:00 – Demographics & Traumatic Events. “I couldn’t tell you what I had from breakfast this morning but I can tell you pretty much every intricate detail of when I tore my ACL. I can tell you how it sounded when it popped. I can tell you who picked me up off the ground and how they picked me up off the ground. I can tell you what the crowd sounded like. I can tell you exactly how it felt. If you have responses like that to an event, that would be considered a traumatic event and they don’t have to be huge. And those are things that people want to numb and want to forget.”

53:00 – High-Value Practices & Activities. “I follow The Rock on Instagram because I love to watch his cheat meal days.”

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