Podcast Ep 40: Brittany Stewart, Co-founder & COO of Burst Oral Care

Today’s guest is Brittany Stewart, a co-founder of Burst Oral Care. Burst is a Venice, CA-based startup with the mission to make sonic oral care affordable and available to everyone. In addition, Brittany also still works as a Venture Advisor for Dyrdek Machine.

In this episode, Brittany and I discussed her career beginnings, what she thinks makes a good co-founder, and how she met Rob Dyrdek.  They also talked about relationships in and out of business, nutrition, and pregnancy.

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Show Notes:

3:00 – Brittany’s Beginnings. “When the opportunity to kind of really build something consumer-focused and, in my opinion, limitless presented itself to me – Burst felt like the ‘swing for the fences’ opportunity I knew I wanted to take.”

12:45 – What Makes a Good Co-Founder. “You will actually probably be more honest with your co-founder than you will with anyone else in your life. With your spouse or your siblings or your friends, there’s something you hold back or you might phrase things differently because you love them. And when you’re in love with a person you might temper how you communicate a message because you are conscious of their feelings. With a co-founder, you’re on this journey and if you both know where you want to go, there’s no space for circling around the truth.”

23:00 – Rob Dyrdek. “The thing about having people like Rob in your life is, I think he taught me one of the last, critical things I needed to learn before I launched Burst, which is: how would you think about the world if you thought about yourself without limitations?”

34:00 – Relationships In and Out of Business. “I am one of those very fortunate people that have these amazing relationships in my life, like my co-founder relationship, my marriage. And what I have found is a key to the success of those relationships is not talking about them too much.”

46:00 – Nutrition & Pregnancy. “I’ve tried to be more diet-based because the pills have been rough on me at this stage of pregnancy. Just keeping a pill down, which I never thought would be an issue, has been a huge issue for me.”

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