Podcast Ep 38: Daron Roberts, NFL Coach, Harvard Law Grad, Author, & Lecturer

Today’s guest is Daron Roberts – a multitalented Harvard Law graduate, former NFL coach, author, and lecturer.  He’s currently the founding director of the Center for Sports Leadership & Innovation at the University of Texas. 

In this episode, Daron and I discussed his early beginnings in college and football, how he pivots and makes decisions, and his ‘Micro-Win’ mindset.  We also talked about creating tangible goals, what it’s like being in ‘the deep end’ of life, and life’s best experiences.

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Show Notes:

3:00 – Early Life. “As most first-jobs in sports go, I was the grunt. Offensive lineman need barbeque sandwiches, I’m the guy. Defensive lineman need chewing tobacco, I’m the guy.  My job was to do whatever was asked and I did that for a season. 6 months felt like 3 years.”

13:00 – Pivoting & Decision Making. “For me, there’s a realization that there’s a very dangerous human fallacy of giving the worst-case scenario too much credence.”

25:00 – Time Pressure & Micro-Wins. “Humans are very bad at meeting big goals. So by February the 2nd, 80% of our New Years Resolutions are either forgotten or broken. And so I’m a big fan of stacking the deck so I thought to myself, ‘How can I build some momentum in my personal life by really drilling down into some small victories each day that I can use to build momentum?’”

36:00 – Metrics & Tangible Goals. “I think adults, sometimes, get really nervous about having too much fun and I’m like, ‘Shit man, we’re going to die!’ There are no do-overs, right? Think about COVID – if your pre and post-COVID lives are identical, you did it wrong.”

43:00 – Being in the Deep End. “Time is the most important currency in my life. And for me, it’s a quest to recapture my time. And the older you get, time becomes more valuable – it becomes more scarce and you become more invested in maximizing it.”

54:00 – Life’s Best Experiences. “Nothing has changed my life more than watching each of my 5 children enter the world.”

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