Podcast Ep 37: Dolvett Quince, Fitness Entrepreneur & Trainer on NBC’s The Biggest Loser

Today’s guest is Dolvett Quince – an entrepreneur, TV personality, and trainer based in Los Angeles. Dolvett is best known for his role as a star-trainer on the hit TV show: The Biggest Loser. 

In this episode, Dolvett and I discuss how his daily life, training, and goals have changed during the pandemic.  We also talk about how he thinks the fitness industry as a whole will recover, what he’s doing to stay sane, and how he’s been managing his time. 

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Show Notes:

4:00 – Day to Day Quarantine Life. “I know me well enough to know that I perform best when I’m busy and when I have a sense of purpose. So I created a sense of purpose on my social platform. For 95 days straight, 7 days a week I engaged on my Instagram Live.”

7:00 – Clients & Remote Sessions. “People are in need of an outlet. And if I can provide that digitally, I’m going to do that.”

12:45 – Goals. “This is just how I conduct my business. If I feel a positive effect, I want to spread that love and give it to whoever I’m working with.”

16:30 – The Fitness Industry. “I think some outdoor activities will boost. I think private studios will see a resurgence.”

24:00 – Staying Sane. “I think people can still organize their own ways of socializing digitally and I think that connection is key. Setting time up to schedule a facetime with loved ones, with friends just to kick it and laugh.  Now is the perfect opportunity for families to take care of their families.  You can stay active, you can socialize, you just have to do it intelligently now.”

36:00 – Family & Time Management. “Digital Education is the new norm. The plus side of that is we’re going to have to figure out how to do it better.”

42:00 – Wellness Offerings. “I want to put together something that helps people reach their best potential and, most importantly, maintain it.”

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