Podcast Ep 33: Marc Megna, Former NFL Athlete, Strength and Conditioning Coach, & Owner of Anatomy Fitness

Today’s guest is Marc Megna, a highly respected strength and conditioning coach and former professional football player.  Marc is the founder and co-owner of Anatomy Fitness, a Miami-based group of gyms, the host of the Megna Method Podcast, and the subject of the film ‘Just A Kid From Fall River.’

In today’s episode, Marc and I discuss where his affinity for training came from, how he developed his ‘high intensity’ mindset, and how he learned from being a good listener.  We also talked about his life before and after professional football, how he builds a productive team, and the movie he starred in.

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Show Notes:

1:00 – Getting into Training. “That respect from my teammates came from killing myself in the weightroom, killing myself on the track. Trying to run myself into the ground in team sprints, where I wasn’t always the fastest but I will die trying to win every sprint. And people saw that, even now people respect great effort.”

7:00 – Developing a High Intensity Mindset. “I was a very young kid and I remember the first practice we had for football was an indoor practice. The coach said, ‘I’m going to set my watch for 6 minutes and I want you guys to run around this indoor track as many times as you can.’ And when we said that, I just took off – I started sprinting. Everyone looked at me and was like, ‘you’re going to pass out, you’re not going to make it.’  But I knew I would probably be ahead of everybody else when I pass out.”

14:00 – Learning from Listening. “I read so much about college football, I knew the next step was to play college football.  And, hand to God, I was never really good at football – I tried really hard but I wasn’t very good.” 

22:00 – Post-Football & Becoming a Trainer. “I love conditioning and I love to help people.”

31:00 – Building a Team. “Although you should be continuously learning and growing, don’t forget that you have a lot of answers inside. Figure out who you are and how you want to do things. Certainly learn from others, but I think people need to look internally.”

38:00 – The Movie & The Book. “I would like a young person to listen to this podcast and say, ‘Hey, I’m going to check out this film.’ Watch the film and have them appreciate it in a way that it creates some sort of added value or a positive shift in the way that they view things, view themself, or see things.”

49:00 – Social Media. “Now more than ever, I think we all, including myself, need to take a good look at what we’re doing and why are we doing it.”

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