Podcast Ep 26: Jon Rose, Professional Surfer & Waves for Water Founder

My guest today is ex-Pro Surfer turned philanthropist and humanitarian, Jon Rose. About 10 years ago, Jon founded Waves for Water, an organization promoting access to clean water around the globe. Jon has lead an interesting life and has visited more countries than I can name.

In today’s episode, Jon and I discussed how Waves for Water was created, how he approaches physical and emotional growth, and how to look inwardly and really assess one’s self.  We also discussed Jon’s upbringing and professional surfing career. I truly enjoyed learning about Jon and I hope you do too.

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Show Notes:

4:00 – Learning Curves. “I really love the ‘beginner’s mind’. I love being in that frequency of being kind of a kook at something. I absolutely attach my own personal growth with being bad at something.”

12:00 – Going Pro. “It felt lawless. It was just a series of lessons and so much of what I have done in the last 10 years of my life with Waves for Water was built on the foundation of the resourcefulness and adaptability of that time period.” 

17:00 – The Genesis of Waves For Water. “I chose water because it seemed like a solvable problem to a non-expert like me. It seemed like an issue I could wrap my head around.”

28:30 – Manifesting into an Organization. “Seeing death and destruction on that level, that you’ve only ever seen in movies before, that’ll leave a mark on you forever. I came home with this very clear cut path and vision. And my vision was to do everything in my power to raise as much money as I could to buy as many water filters as I could and go straight back to Indonesia.”

39:00 – Knowing What You Don’t Know. “At the end of the day, you can make a profound impact in somebody’s life every day.”

45:00 – Deciding Where to Spend Resources. “It’s very clear cut what we do. We have our milestones that we need to hit. We are basically saying, ‘for this much money, with these certain needs on the ground, using these solutions, we can give this many people access to clean water in this amount of time.”

55:15 – Finding Worthy Causes. “Actual human connection is everything, I would, depending on which sort of cause really resonates with you, I would do your research. Beyond that, try to get ahold of someone in that organization and talk to them.”

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