Podcast Ep 20: Darren Rovell, Sports Business Reporter & Senior Executive Producer for The Action Network

I’m very excited to introduce my guest today as sports business analyst, Darren Rovell. Darren currently reports for The Action Network, a sports betting start-up based in Los Vegas, and previously he reported for ESPN for more than 12 years. He’s widely considered one of the most influential journalists in sports. Being the sports and business nerd that I am, Darren is one of my absolute favorite follows on social media. You can check out his twitter and instagram here. 

Today I talked with Darren about things like how he’s handling the change in lifestyle, current events in sports, and mental health. Darren is a public advocate for mental health awareness and discussion, both through his own platforms and through his involvement in the #SameHere movement.

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Show Notes:

3:00 – Daily Life Challenges   “When I was watching the Last Dance, my daughter said to me ‘that’s obviously not from today, because there’s a crowd there, Daddy”

10:30 – Major Leagues “We saw the unprecedented situation the other day from one of the soccer teams, where the coach basically said the player can’t play in this game because be broke the quarantine”

17:30 – Working from Home “I am working harder now than ever before, partly because I’m trying to create new businesses on the side that are more relevant, and also because I have to create more stories from thin air with sports not going on.”

27:00 – Same Here “I was coming close to hitting 40 and just felt like I had spent a life enriching myself and had not done anything that was giving back, and I realized working on mental health could actually save lives.”

35:00 – Mental Health “Control what you can control but learn to accept what you can’t control.”

51:00 – Career Path “The number one piece of advice is to only be guided by one thing in the beginning of your quest, which is passion. Passion leads everything. Passion will mean that you won’t ever be bored. Passion will make you happy. Passion will make you work harder.”

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