Podcast Ep 2: Johnny Collinson, Skier and Alpinist Recovering from ACL Tears

Training for the Day versus Planning for the Year

My guest this week is Johnny Collinson. Johnny is a professional skier and alpinist from Snowbird, Utah who became the youngest person to climb all 7 summits, including Everest, at the age of just 17. That same year, he became a Junior Freeskiing World Champion and hasn’t looked back since, becoming one of the most respected big mountain skiers in the world. Johnny is currently rehabbing a torn ACL and expects to be back on the snow in February.

In today’s episode we discuss a range of topics including building long-term versus short-term goals, how to bring a cautious mindset into a sport that requires a lot of risk, working toward staying healthy and having a long career, and pushing through the inevitably tough days.

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Show Notes:

2:33 – Training for the Day & Plan for the Year “You’re keeping your body in a more controlled zone and upping the risk factor with the actual environment, so I think I’ll be doing a bit more of that – ski mountaineering and foot-powered trips.”

10:44 – The Thrill “We call if hucking your meat. It’s pretty calculated and a little bit just throwing caution to the wind.”

15:50 – Me vs. Me Athletics “I’ve always been fairly cautious. You know, as a kid when you’re with all your buddies at a sleepover and they’re all doing backflips on the trampoline, I was never really one to be like, ‘I want to do backflips.’”

22:23 – The Seven Summits “And I remember pretty vividly on Everest, walking back down, I was like, ‘Man, walking down is a pain in the ass. I would so much rather be skiing down this mountain right now.’”

30:00 – Career Longevity & Goals “If you really love just being in the mountains, you’re going to want to do what it takes to stay there.”

35:13 – Pre-Run Rituals & Johnny’s Best Day “When I get some nervous tension, I click my poles a lot.”

40:20 – Inevitable Tough Days “You’re just making so many more decisions that feel completely life-threatening, and sometimes you get to the bottom [of the mountain] and you’re glad that it’s over with.”

51:30 – Physically Difficult Situations “You know, I had a couple bouts of pulmonary edema when I was 17.”

58:10 – What are you stoked about for this upcoming year (other than getting back on snow) “I think it’s a really fun thing to have something totally separate from my first passion of skiing. Something that will last longer than my skiing can.”

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