Podcast Ep 14: Jimmy Chin, Academy Award Winner, Photographer & Mountaineer

My guest today is our good friend Jimmy Chin. Many of you won’t need an introduction to Jimmy and his work, but for anyone who isn’t yet familiar, Jimmy is a world-renowned mountaineer, photographer, and filmmaker. His passion for adventure combined with his creative eye and relentless work ethic has fueled a remarkable career as both an athlete and an artist.

These days, many of you will probably recognize Jimmy for his Academy Award Winning Documentary, Free Solo, which follows the journey of our mutual friend and rock climber Alex Honnold as he works to be the first person to ever climb Yosemite’s famous El Cap without a rope. It’s hard to find too many other Oscar winners who have also climbed Everest, let alone those who have done it multiple times.

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Show Notes:

2:30 – Dealing with these Times “In the last two weeks, I’ve done quite a few interviews and talks about the application of lessons learned from expeditions, and how they apply to life today and the new normal.”

12:00 – The Ongoing Calculations on Expeditions  “If you let your ego take hold of your decision making, you’ll start making more emotional decisions, which is usually not helpful, particularly if you are in a situation where the stakes are very high and the consequences are very high.”

23:00 – The Spread of Misinformation “It can take one person to miss something, the information is such that it’s kind of believable or it is what you intuitively think about a particular subject if you didn’t know much about it. It’s made to be easily accepted and digested and one person in your peer group, that maybe you trust or look up to, might not catch something so they push it out there.”  

32:00 – Separating What You Can Control and What You Can’t “Sometimes too much information is a distraction – or not even useful.”

42:30 – Awareness & Perception “Reading the room is such a big deal. Think about musicians that are playing for an audience. How much of their energy on stage is being generated from what they’re getting from the audience? And having that taken away is interesting and maybe I need to get used to it.”

49:00 – Change in Expectations “I am maintaining a certain level of training, a) for my sanity, and b) I’m kind of always in that mode. Sometimes I have an objective I’m training for and sometimes I don’t and I have kind of a maintenance level I like to keep.”

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