Podcast Ep 13: Bijan Heravi, Sports Agent to NBA, NFL, CrossFit, and Olympic Athletes

COVID-19’s Impact on Sports, Mindset, and Building Relationships

My guest today is our good friend Bijan Heravi. Bijan is an agent to an interesting mix of professional athletes, with two of his top partners being CrossFit athlete Noah Ohlsen and NBA player Tim Hardaway Jr. Bijan is an extremely thoughtful and caring person who also happens to train like an absolute animal. His clients often joke that he trains more than they do. He is based in Miami, Florida and has earned both his Undergraduate and Law Degree from the University of Miami.

In today’s episode, we talk about the adjustments being made and his predictions across all sports leagues from the NBA to the Olympics, how professional athletes are handing their time in quarantine, Bijan’s own belief that he has been COVID positive, how he got his start as a business agent and the values he follows when building relationships, and the nutrition and fitness plans he personally follows to stay fit.

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Show Notes:

2:00 – Adjustments to the Current Climate “[In the NBA] I believe most things probably are just paused, not so much terminated. Whereas the Olympics, there are certain events that have to be committed to far ahead of time, and the unknowingness has forced them to make the decision now.”

11:30 – The Most Likely Scenario for the NBA “Now that the window is a little larger than they assumed, I can see firsthand there’s just absolutely no way that any of these athletes are going to be able to come back in as good of shape as they were in season.”

 14:00 – How to Stay Sane & Game Ready “I’m grateful for the quarantine. I’m grateful that guys can’t leave the house, because the majority of them have bad habits and once they enter that offseason mode. It’s a free for all.” 

20:00 – How it’s been for Bijan “I had a pretty gnarly chest cold last week. I’m going to go ahead and say I am probably COVID positive. I’ve been going on 18-19 nights of being quarantined now… so now I feel great, I recovered and, between you and I, I kind of hope [my COVID-19 test] comes back positive just so I can say that I’ve overcome it and I don’t have to worry about it. But I’ve been very safe, I haven’t come into contact with anyone.”

31:00 – Eating Well “It’s more of recognizing what are your opportunities now and capitalizing on those before you start looking outward and being drawn to what people are telling you you should do.”

40:00 – Professional Relationships “You can still, even at your lowest low, just have a posture for how you’re going through this and how you’re going to regard you partnerships, that can really make all the difference.”

45:00 – Advice for Right Now “Let’s just have conversation first.” 

51:00 – Beginnings in the Business “I needed to parallel that level of expertise to prepare myself for, really, the life I had envisioned.”

57:00 – Evolving “People are lead to believe that growth as an agent means a larger portfolio of athletes, and to me, growth as an agent, is a larger platform for each athlete.”

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