Podcast Ep 12: Kit Deslauriers, Mountaineer & Skier of the Seven Summits

Today my guest on the podcast is Kit Deslauriers. Kit is a professional skier and mountaineer living in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. She is best know for being the first person to ski the Seven Summits. She’s been named Adventurer of the Year by National Geographic, she’s a two-time winner of the World Freeskiing Championship, and a mother of two.

In this episode, we talked about…

  • Training to ski the seven summits
  • How Kit mentally approaches fear in high consequence scenarios
  • Handling injury and building strength
  • Her morning routine
  • Kit’s passion for environmentalism projects
  • How she raised a wild wolf after she graduated from college.

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Show Notes:

3:00 – Culture Shift in High Consequence Areas “If I’m doing something that’s making me afraid, I try to stop or even pause in that moment and eradicate that thought and replace it with anything along the lines of love.”

11:00 – Mindfulness “I know many other high level athletes do this, but I’m not entirely sure the general public has made a strong connection between the mental fitness and the mental strength that is required to do these things at a high level, as it being on par with importance with the physical ability and the physical strength.”

16:30 – Training for the Seven Summits “I could have used a lot more compassion, for myself, and for a lot of people that I met along the way”

26:00 – Making the Right Choice “You just have to understand what the tradeoff is. Every once in a while, when I’m out traveling, I’ll meet up with some friends and go out until 2 in the morning and get up at 6am for my flight home and I’ll feel terrible but we have to be flexible and nothing is ever written in stone.”

35:00 – Sleep and Vision “This past winter, I had an injury. After I feel sorry for myself for about two days with an injury, I usually try to figure out how to make best use of the time.”

40:00 – Morning Routine “I’ve decided it’s okay for me to be an outlier, and have a cup of coffee while I meditate.”

50:00 – Importance of Environmentalism “Intention plus Action equals A Meaningful Life.”

1:00:00 – Waxing and Waning “He told me he only teaches women and children, because we’re the only ones who listen.”

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