Podcast Ep 11: Tim Caron, Former Army Strength & Condition Coach and Owner of Allegiate Gym

Accountability, Gym Culture, and Career Choices

Today my guest on the show is Tim Caron. Tim is the co-founder and Head Strength Coach at Allegiate Gym in Redondo Beach, CA. Before starting Allegiate, Tim was the Head Strength and Conditioning coach for football at Army West Point. He served in that role for three seasons, prior to which, Tim was an associate strength coach at USC where he was in charge of nutrition, return to play, and football’s internship program.

You may recognize Tim from some of our Expert Video content. We rely on Tim as one of our Momentous Performance Engineers where he is able to offer his expertise on training, supplementation, and high performance. Check out the most recent video we launched featuring Tim titled Creatine 101 where he dives deep into the science of creatine and what it does to aid performance in the body.

On this podcast episode, we talked about what the career path and choices of a trainer and gym owner look like, when to fire an unpaid employee, the role of tough love, holding yourself accountable, and creating an atmosphere for growth.

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Show Notes:

2:00 – Career Path & Choices “Owning and operating a business comes to the point where you realize, I ran from something that I didn’t really want to run from, you’re going to get eaten alive.”

12:00 – When to Let Go “I would say I’m really weak in that area personally, I don’t do a good job of prioritizing certain tasks. I take everything on aggressively. I’m trying to win every battle but maybe I should be more strategic and try to win the war.”

24:00 – The Problem is You “I hammered [the two of them] pretty hard.  It was to the point where my boss was like, ‘I think you’re a little too harsh on them.’ One guy, to this day, still calls me. And the other guy, you can tell was really hurt and took it personally, and I have not had a good relationship with him since. But both went on to have good careers and I’m happy for them.”

35:00 – Make Me Obsolete “Real work comes in through the follow-through, like ‘you’ actually executing on your end and staying consistent. And as a leader or a coach or whatever avenue you’re leading, having yourself held accountable to a standard just as much as you’re holding your staff accountable. Whatever success I’ve had is because I’m willing to do that.”

41:30 – Atmosphere for Growth “If I’m walking into work and I see someone not knowing where to put their stuff, that’s a huge, huge red flag of like, ‘I did not do a good enough job of creating ingress, egress policy with these guys.’”

50:00 – The Challenge of Progress  “I don’t get fired up to learn how to surf or golf. It’s not because I’m afraid of the challenge, it’s just because I don’t see any net result that’s going to help me and what I ultimately want to be.”

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