Podcast Ep 10: Sarah & Ben True, Olympic Triathlete and Professional Runner

Living as a Pro Athlete Couple, Motivation, and Balance

My guests today are Sarah and Ben True. Sarah and Ben are a professional athlete couple living and training in New Hampshire. Ben is a professional runner who holds the American road record in the 5k and has represented the US multiple times in cross country and track. Sarah is a professional triathlete and 2x Olympian for the US in both London and Rio. She’s won a silver medal and two bronze in the ITU World Championships and has since stepped up to compete at the Ironman distance.

This was a fun episode, in part because it was our first episode with two guests. We had a lively conversation about a variety of topics including the strain your body takes as endurance athletes, what it’s like to live with another professional athlete, training solo versus training in groups, how they approach nutrition, and what it takes to keep motivation high.

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Show Notes:

2:00 – Adjusting to Changing Seasons Ben: “But mud season has another type of beauty.” Sarah: “There is NO beauty in mud season.”

9:00 – Deciding Where to Live & Train Sara: “The training environment here is terrific, we’re just missing the people.” Ben: “I don’t know, I think there’s too many people here already.”

15:30 – Living with a Training Partner “We know, intellectually, when to do certain things but you need somebody to tell you what you already know.” 

24:30 – The Goal for a Training Day “It has been a massive shift for me, to be able to really value that some sessions are more important than others, and it’s really not just being tired, it’s having a high degree of intentionality with every session.”

36:00 – Capacity for Focus “You basically know that the entire workout is getting you ready for that one last kilometer interval. You’re trying not to get to that hyper-acuity until the last kilometer interval.”

40:00 – Relationships with Pro Athlete Couples “It’s kind of like two attorneys in the same firm, trying to get partnership. They’re kind of battling the same system and yet in the same system. All right my analogy is terrible.”

52:00 – Eating & Family “I grew up in a family of very fast eaters.”

59:00 – Diet Adjustments “Food should be fuel, it shouldn’t have emotional baggage to it.”

1:03:00 – Pro Career Length “If you start seriously considering retirement, it probably means you need to retire.”

1:07:30 – Continuing to Stay Motivated “A third of the time, you feel invincible. A third of the time, you feel normal. And a third of the time, you are feeling terrible, tired, and struggling to mentally get yourself going.”

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