A Quick Healthy Snack for Faster Recovery

“Overnight Oats” are a great choice for a busy person on the go.  

Simply mix the ingredients listed below and let sit on the countertop for 20 minutes, or in the refrigerator overnight, before eating.

This M2 Performance Nutrition recipe is a staple for post workout nutrition, as the ingredients are high in protein and carbs, but lower in fat; an ideal combination for quick digestion which can help speed recovery after training. 

Plant free? Substitute the Momentous Whey Protein with the Vegan Protein

Achy joints? Substitute the Momentous Whey Protein with Collagen

Nutritional Information:

33 grams protein

10 grams fat

58 grams carbs

About M2:

M2 was founded to help people reach their health and fitness potential. They noticed far too many men and women seeking better nutrition were being underfed, leading to adverse consequences like weight gain, poor athletic performance and depression. It became their mission to teach people how to appropriately fuel their bodies based on their activity and personal goals. Learn more by visiting their website here.

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