Jenna Stangland

Sports Performance Nutrition Consultant
Lead Dietitian at Viverant


Jenna is the Lead Sports Dietitian at Viverant since the initial launch of nutrition program to the company in 2015. Viverant is a physical therapy and performance optimization company helping individuals move through life better. In this position she works with numerous high school sports teams, pre and post surgery patients and recreational on up to elite and professional athletes.

Graduate of University of Minnesota with a bachelor of science degree in genetics and cell biology, and a minor in leadership. Jenna went on to obtain her master’s degree in Clinical Nutrition with an emphasis on sports nutrition from The Ohio State University. During her graduate studies she worked under the Director of Sports Nutrition to consult with collegiate and recreational runners on enhancing iron absorption through food and improving bone health through nutritional strategizing. Additionally, she worked in the medical center on pharmacology research for muscular dystrophy which broadened her knowledge base of how molecular compounds can directly impact muscle breakdown and repair.

She has worked as a brand strategist for food-based performance nutrition companies across the country to educate companies and medical professionals on the role of food to enhance healing and performance. Additional sports nutrition work for Jenna include working for the largest physician owned orthopedic company in the nation and launched their first ever nutrition program for orthopedic patients and athletes. Sports nutrition continues to be a passion and area of expertise for her as she works with the Macalester College athletic department and has been involved with additional consulting work including : CCM hockey camps for elite and youth hockey athletes around the nation, multiple D3 collegiate hockey programs, Minnesota Dance Medicine Foundation, National Athletic Trainer’s Association (NATA), the NHL, and now works as the sports nutrition consultant with the Minnesota Wild organization. She speaks nationally with sports medicine providers, orthopedic medical professionals, sports dietitians, coaches, parents and athletes.